Baroque Shock 2018

<p>In 2018, the city of Antwerp will pay homage to Peter Paul Rubens and his baroque cultural heritage. Rubens is the embodiment of the baroque and an icon of Antwerp. It is he who is credited with bringing this art movement to the Low Countries, on his return from Italy in the early 17th century. It is he who restored to Antwerp a pride and an identity that still define and characterise the city today. It is his spirit that makes Antwerp the largest and most baroque city above the Alps. </p><p><b>Inspired by Rubens </b></p><p>Peter Paul Rubens is probably Antwerp’s most famous inhabitant. He is known as a successful artist, but he was also an esteemed diplomat, polyglot and collector. Even today his brilliance lives on and he is still very much part of the city. And not only in its baroque paintings and architecture. Rubens is also a great inspiration for contemporary artists and the a-typical way of life of the city and its inhabitants. </p><p><b>An&nbsp;Antwerp state of mind</b></p><p>Antwerp is the only city in the world to be so permeated in every respect by Peter Paul Rubens and his baroque legacy. In Rubens’ wake, Antwerp’s artists have continued to innovate and renew, and this has led and will continue to lead to an authentic and distinctive ‘joie de vivre’. Nowhere other than Antwerp can the baroque in all its facets be lived and experienced so intensely and in so many different ways in 2018. Baroque Shock 2018&nbsp;is a way of securing and consolidating this sense of the baroque lastingly. </p><p>Discover everything you need to know about Baroque Shock 2018&nbsp;here. &nbsp;</p>

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