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Birds of Paradise

Alexander McQueen, H/W 2009, Foto: François Nars.
The exhibition is an ode to the elegance and refinement of the application of plumes...
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The Golden Cabinet.

Rockoxhuis Gulden Cabinet
From 2 February 2013, visitors to the Rockox House in Antwerp will be able to see...
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Sacred Places | Sacred Books

Dode Zeerol
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REUNION in the Cathedral

In 1559 the Church of Our Lady was re-baptized the Cathedral of Our Lady. An...

Antwerp Pride 2014

Antwerp Pride
Antwerp Pride is a city-wide gay & lesbian event. It holds numerous parties, sports...

Laundry day 2014

Laundry Day keeps on turning! This annual DJ festival is a celebration of fashion...

Jazz Middelheim 2014

Park 'Den Brandt'
The Jazz Middelheim festival is a fixture on the national and international jazz...

Lambermontmartre 2014

Lambermontmartre is an original opportunity for art lovers and Sunday strollers to...


© Siel Willems – Sint Maria Instistuut
This summer Air/Port is coming to Antwerp. Organized by the creative platform for...

Car-free Sunday in Antwerp 2014

On Sunday 14 September 2014 Antwerp will be holding its car-free Sunday. As usual...