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<div> Are you just like Mona, a foodie who loves art and is crazy about fashion? Then Antwerp is the perfect place to savour, enjoy and experience.</div>

Mona is always on the lookout for cosy, stylish and unique spots. Trying not to overload you with information, she aims to give you that information which will turn your weekend in Antwerp into an amazing experience. No oversupply of hotels, restaurants, museums or shops, just the ones you cannot miss. Special places for special people.
Download the app and scan the contact information and description of all the attractions, hotels, shops, restaurants, bars and museums which Mona visits during her weekends in Antwerp. Follow the route Mona suggests using a clear city map or go off and explore with the convenient ”in-the-neighbourhood button”.
The free app is available from iTunes or Google Play.


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