Beauty Overdose

<p>In August and September the creative platform for social change Beauty without Irony is taking over the first floor and beautiful gardens of Sterckshof castle. There will be workshops, exhibitions, installations and performances with a variety of famous and less well-known artists.&nbsp;</p>

Beauty in its purest form

Sterckshof castle in Deurne forms the backdrop for an exhibition which focuses on beauty in its purest form. Different artists, both big names and art students and enthusiastic amateur artists, are taking part in this exhibition. 

Alongside photography there are paintings and etchings and plenty of focus on fashion. One of the highlights of this exhibition is a Stockmann with an exquisite jacket designed by Serkan Sarier, who graduated at the Antwerp fashion academy. The stained-glass windows in the chapel bathe it all in a unique light.

The castle gardens are home to an installation of 150 Little Sun lamps, hanging from the trees in a very long line. This is a great spectacle both during the day and at night, when all the lights are lit. A large installation consisting of flags on nine metre high bamboo sticks, grouped round a fountain by the Belgian artist X11, gives it all an extremely gracious and restful appearance.

Create your own beauty 

Beauty Overdose inspires and wants to make people aware of the fact that beauty can be found in many everyday things. You can make a contribution to this exhibition by putting your most beautiful photos on the “The Wall of Beauty”.




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