Antwerp with children

Antwerp is a great place to visit with your children, with no shortage of fun and relaxing activities. Here are nine activities for you and your kids that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Boat trips

Experience the activity in the port from close up, enjoy a unique view of the docks and locks or discover the Antwerp skyline on the Scheldt. A boat trip is always fun and relaxing.

2. See the animals in the city

Antwerp Zoo is one of the oldest in the world, and the most popular attraction in the country. Aquatopia is one of Europe’s largest sea life centres. Guaranteed fun!

3. To the market

Antwerp has a rich tradition of markets stretching back many centuries. Many of them are still operating today, with various specialisations. A must for those who want to taste the real Antwerp. Het Geluk is a child-friendly bar where mothers with pushchairs, fathers with toddlers on balance bikes, grandparents with their grandkids and teenagers (with or without significant other) are all welcome. You will find newspapers, healthy sandwiches, fresh soup, books and the tastiest hot chocolate. Perfect to combine with a visit to the Foreigners Market (on Saturdays) or the Bird Market (on Sundays).

4. Museums

Antwerp has numerous museums where children can also have a great time.

MAS | Museum aan de Stroom
Red Star Line Museum
FOMU | Fotomuseum
Museum Mayer van den Bergh
Museum Plantin-Moretus
Museum Vleeshuis
MoMu | ModeMuseum

5. Parks

Antwerp is a city with plenty of green and quiet spots. The parks are an ideal place to stroll among the greenery, to read a book, let your children and grandchildren enjoy the playground, look at art or enjoy a picnic.

6. Swimming

You can have a lot of fun swimming in Antwerp. There’s a floating swimming pool in the docks, an ecological swimming lake, an Olympic swimming pool, an art-deco bath and much more.

7. Tour of the city

What could be better than an original tour for getting to know the city? Discover Antwerp by horse and carriage, by horse-drawn tram, by tourist tram, on a sightseeing bus or on a hop on/hop off shuttle bus

8. Het Steen

In the city’s oldest building, visitors of all ages from six years and upwards can participate in workshops and other activities.

9. Film

There is no shortage of cinemas in Antwerp. Lots of old, impressive picture palaces have disappeared, but there is still a very large and varied selection today, including for real film buffs. On the outskirts of the city, Kinepolis Antwerpen with its 24 screens is the largest cinema complex in the Low Countries, but in the city too there are opportunities to catch a film at the UGC complex or in smaller cinemas such as Cartoons or Cinema Zuid.


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Antwerp in 24 and 48 hours

Antwerp in 24 and 48 hours

Whether you’re coming to Antwerp for a hefty helping of culture, to soak up some history, to shop or to enjoy Antwerp’s culinary delights, you’ll find them all within reach. Antwerp may be compact, but it has a great deal to offer. Get all you can out of it by using the Antwerp City Card as your guide. The card (valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours) will open the nicest, tastiest and most surprising doors of the city for you, for free or at a discount. Discovering is now up to you. Have fun!

Sunday Shopping

Sunday Shopping

Many of the shops in the historical city centre are open every first Sunday of the month. Performances and small mobile events like the Antwerp Fashion Festival and Models on Wheels make Sunday shopping an even more memorable experience. 

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Antwerp City Card

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Public transport

Public transport

Antwerp is a pocket-sized city. Many of the attractions are within walking or biking distance of each other. Another way of getting around the city is on the trams and buses of De Lijn. Tip: buy your tram or bus ticket in a point of pre-sale (newsagent’s, supermarket, the vending machines at the various stops or in the visitor centres of Visit Antwerp), where tickets are cheaper.