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Become acquainted with the various styles of architecture in Antwerp. Your guide will teach you to read the façades of the historic city centre. The Romanesque style of Het Steen, the Renaissance style of City hall, Rococo building on the Meir... once you arrive at the Wapper you’ll be able to date the façades. 

During this original tour your guide will show you the historic city centre in a playful manner and
identify some of the architectural styles. You start with a hint of Roman architecture at the Steen
fortress, discover the Gothic style (Butcher’s Hall or Museum Vleeshuis | Sound of the City and Cathedral of Our Lady), Renaissance (town hall) and Baroque (St. Charles Borromeo’s Church) and end with Rococo and even Art Deco. Finally, you can try your luck and guess the architectural styles of some of the buildings on Meir and Wapper.
This is an original introduction to the most important buildings and squares of the old city.

This walk can also be guided interactively.

The trail takes you along: STEEN - Museum Vleeshuis | Sound of the City - GROTE MARKT - H. CONSCIENCEPLEIN - GROENPLAATS - MEIR.
It includes a short visit - if open to: the Gothic hall of the Butcher’s Hall and the baroque interior of St. Charles Borromeo’s Church.
Start: Visit Antwerpen, Grote Markt 13.
Finish: at Rubens’ House on Wapper.

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Zurenborg is quite possibly the most beautiful neighbourhood in Antwerp. It flaunts its belle époque grandeur like a coquettish lady. It proudly shows surprised visitors its art nouveau façades, elegant streets and squares. But the highlight is the 19th century Cogels-Osylei: sublime architecture from around the turn of the previous century.



Want to immerse yourself in the elegance of art nouveau without walking too long? Choose the shorter Zurenborg walking tour. It only passes through the Cogels-Osylei and a few side streets. Imagine how Antwerp’s bourgeoisie once strolled along these stately mansions and urban palaces. 

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Many of the shops in the historical city centre are open every first Sunday of the month. Performances and small mobile events like the Antwerp Fashion Festival and Models on Wheels make Sunday shopping an even more memorable experience. 

Antwerp in 24 and 48 hours

Antwerp in 24 and 48 hours

Whether you’re coming to Antwerp for a hefty helping of culture, to soak up some history, to shop or to enjoy Antwerp’s culinary delights, you’ll find them all within reach. Antwerp may be compact, but it has a great deal to offer. Get all you can out of it by using the Antwerp City Card as your guide. The card (valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours) will open the nicest, tastiest and most surprising doors of the city for you, for free or at a discount. Discovering is now up to you. Have fun!