MAS | Museum aan de Stroom

If you visit one museum in Antwerp make it MAS. Here the city and the port (Europe’s second biggest) meet in every sense of the word. The museum collection tells the story of the city, the port and the world and on the roof of MAS you can enjoy a 360° panoramic view of Antwerp.

The MAS is an impressive building with a museum, among other things. Because it is also the visible storage, the museum square with Luc Tuymans’ mosaic, the boulevard, the rooftop panorama, etc. The MAS is a total experience.

An innovative story

Antwerp is a city on a river with a port, that has provided encounters and exchanges for centuries. The MAS collects traces of those exchanges and tells new stories with them. Stories about the city, the river and the port. Stories about the world in all its diversity. Stories about Antwerp’s alliance with the world. Become acquainted with Antwerp in the world and with the world in Antwerp.

The collection amounts to a total of 470,000 objects and is still growing. The MAS regroups the collections in an innovative story, through four universal themes with which everyone can identify. They are spread over five floors.

+4: Display of Power. On prestige and symbols
+5: Antwerp à la carte. On the intimate relationship between the city and food
+6: World port. On trade and shipping
+7: Life and death. Gods and mankind
+8: Life and death. The worlds above and below

The collections are not displayed side by side. The pieces are connected through a dynamic scenography on the different floors. They don’t just impart information. They tell stories, they endure, they are actors in an ever-changing play. Each floor is a wonderful new world.

A journey of discovery

The message is: don’t just look. The visitor is also stimulated by the music of in-house composer Eric Sleichim. Or he can sniff the scent boxes in the theme about the World Port. The Visual Storage is a real journey of discovery and offers the chance to look behind the scenes of the museum. The museum square with the ‘Dead Skull’ mosaic by Luc Tuymans is an integral part of the MAS. It is the perfect resting and meeting place. The spiral-shaped boulevard along the glass panels on each floor forms a vertical city walk, which provides unique views of the city at every turn. Access to the MAS Boulevard is free of charge, even after the museum rooms have closed. En route, the panorama of the city, the Scheldt and the port grows. The climax awaits you on the 60-metres high rooftop panorama.

Food and drinks

The MAS café STORM on the ground floor is the new ‘place to be’ on het Eilandje. Restaurant ‘t Zilte, with two star chef Viki Geunes, and the adjoining terrace and reception hall can be found on the 9th floor.


Hanzestedenplaats 1
+32 33 38 44 00

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Opening Days

Special opening days

Special closing days

Individual visitors

Price per person: 10

Free entrance:
- MAS Boulevard
- Visible Storage (+2)
- Panoramic view (+10): Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30 a.m. to 12 midnight (doors close at 11.30 p.m.)
- Last Wednesday in the month

Every last wednesday of the month, you can visit one theme of the permanent exhibition until 19:00. The entrance fee amounts 2€.

Reduction rates

< 12: 0.

12 - 25: 8.

> 65: 8.

Card holders

City Card: true.



Minimum people per group.

Maximum people per group.

Price per person: €8

Price per group: €


School groups: preorder 7 days before visit.


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