Seven tips for your visit to the Plantin-Moretus Museum

There’s lots to see and experience at the redesigned Plantin-Moretus Museum. Step into the world of pioneering publisher Plantin and his in-laws, the Moretus family. Seven tips for an extra special museum visit.

1. Discover the museum at your own pace 

Use your imagination. You won’t find endless texts and labels in the renovated museum. Would you like to know more about Plantin? Then borrow the free visitor’s guide. This booklet contains additional information about the publisher.

2. Use the free museum app

The Antwerp Museum App is the ultimate guide to exploring museums in Antwerp. It is loaded with exclusive content and curated tours.

3. Browse through replicas of old books

There are copies of famous Plantin publications in some of the rooms. You can browse to your heart’s content in Dodoens’ book on herbs, the Gutenberg Bible and other works.

4. Dress up in clothes from Plantin’s time 

There are clothes ready for you in Room 7. A great opportunity for a selfie! 

5. Do your own printing, or learn etching or bookbinding

Book a workshop with the family and get into action with paper, metal letters and an ancient printing press.

6. Relax on a bench in the courtyard

This tranquil oasis in the city centre is full of plants that were popular in the 16th and 17th centuries. 

7. Pick up some souvenirs in the museum shop 

You will find books about the museum and typography, as well as gift items such as bookmarks and cards. The craft printing from Kastaar is particularly original.

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