Parking in Antwerp

Antwerp is a vibrant city with a large number of residents and visitors. All these people require a lot of parking space for their cars. In some areas you can park for free but throughout the city parking is charged.

Free parking

- on the Scheldt quays: Sint-MichielskaaiCockerillkaai and De Gerlachekaai (due spring tide and storm weather closed on Jan 12 & 13)
- on the Gedempte Zuiderdokken: Waalsekaai and Vlaamsekaai
- Parking Pidpa: Desguinlei

Public car parks

As a visitor, it is best to opt for a public car park or a Park and Ride (P+R) whenever possible. That is usually cheaper and easier than parking on the street and relieves you from parking stress.

Historic centre

Noorderterras: Orteliuskaai
Zuiderterras: Ernest Van Dijckkaai
Grote Markt: Ernest van Dijckkaai 7

City centre

Brabo: Kammenstraat 2
Groenplaats: Groenplaats
Rubens: Lombardenvest 24-28
Meir: Eiermarkt 33
Lombardia: Lombardenvest 11
Oudaen: Oudaan 3
Cammerpoorte: Nationalestraat 38
Central Station – Zoo
Nova: Van Schoonhovenstraat 25
Breidel: Breidelstraat 15-17
De Keyser: Van Ertbornstraat 13
Empire: Appelmansstraat 25
Quellin: Quellinstraat 39
Roosevelt: Franklin Rooseveltplaats 12


Van Dijck: Eikenstraat 9
Sint Jacob: Sint Jacobsmarkt 81-83
Arenberg: Oudevaartplaats 2-4
Horta: Hopland 24
Leopold: Henri Van Heurckstraat 9
Hopland: Hopland 40
Stadsschouwburg : Meistraat 4
Inno: Hopland 45

A P+R is a free car park at the edge of the city. From there you can continue on to your destination in the city centre by tram, bus or bicycle.

• P+R Keizershoek
Bredabaan, 2170 Merksem (near Carrefour)
Take tram line 2 (Merksem – Hoboken) and get off at the Astrid / Diamant stop or take tram line 3 (Merksem – Zwijndrecht) to Astrid / Opera / Meir / Groenplaats.
You can also take bus 640 and get off at F. Rooseveltplaats.

• P+R Metropolis
Groenendaallaan 394, 2030 Antwerp (next to the Kinepolis cinema)
Take tram line 6 (Luchtbal – Olympiade) and get off at the Astrid / Diamant stop or take one of the following bus lines in the direction of Antwerp and get off at the F. Rooseveltplaats terminus: 720-730-770-771.

• P+R Melsele
Vendoorn 1, 9120 Melsele
On the N70 between Melsele and Zwijndrecht, at the Grote Baan - Beversebaan - Krijgsbaan intersection. Tram line 3 (Merksem – Zwijndrecht) will take you into the city. Get off at the Groenplaats / Meir / Opera / Astrid stop.

• P+R Linkeroever - Blancefloerlaan 1 + 2
Blancefloerlaan, 2050 Antwerp
Take tram line 3 (Zwijndrecht - Merksem) or 5 (Linkeroever - Wijnegem) and get off at Groenplaats / Meir / Astrid.
Tram lines 9 (Linkeroever - Eksterlaar) and 15 (Linkeroever - Boechout) will also take you to the city centre. Get off at the Groenplaats / Meir / Diamant stop.

• P+R Olympiade
Kruishofstraat, 2610 Antwerp-Wilrijk
Parking is free for the first 12 hours. Want to park for longer than 12 hours? Then the cost is 1 euro per 24 hours. Validate your ticket at the payment kiosk to leave the car park. Take tram line 6 (Olympiade - Luchtbal) and get off at the Diamant / Astrid stop.

• P+R Schoonselhof
Krijgsbaan, 2660 Hoboken (by Schoonselhof cemetery)
Tram line 24 (Schoonselhof - Silsburg) will take you into the city; get off at the Teniers / Rooseveltplaats / Central Station stop.

• P+R Capenberg
Junction of Liersesteenweg and Borsbeeksesteenweg, 2530 Boechout
Take tram line 15 (Boechout - Linkeroever) and get off at the Diamant / Opera / Meir / Groenplaats stop.



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Coach parking

Coach parking

A spacious and comfortable coach parking has been created at the top of Quay 19. This car park is a convenient 10-minute walk from the historic city centre. Free parking with no reservations required.

Park your bike

Park your bike

You will find street-side bicycle racks near public areas throughout the city. This makes it easy for cyclists to park and secure their bikes. 

Parking for people with disabilities

Parking for people with disabilities

The Toepark website and app will show you the handicapped parking places that are close to your destination. They will also provide you with driving directions to the parking place of your choice. 

Parking for campers

Parking for campers

Visiting Antwerp with a camper? Then you can park on the streets where you see a blue sign with nothing but a white P on it (an E9a sign). You are not allowed to camp or spend the night on public property. But you can do that at one of our campgrounds:

Camping De Molen

Camperpark Vogelenzang

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Antwerp City Card

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Public transport

Public transport

Antwerp is a pocket-sized city. Many of the attractions are within walking or biking distance of each other. Another way of getting around the city is on the trams and buses of De Lijn. Tip: buy your tram or bus ticket in a point of pre-sale (newsagent’s, supermarket, the vending machines at the various stops or in the visitor centres of Visit Antwerp), where tickets are cheaper.