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Responsibility This is the official website of the city of Antwerp. The city of Antwerp is responsible for the contents of this website. The company unit Active city (Antwerp Tourism and Convention) ensures the coordination. Several city services take care of the contents. We endeavour to keep the information as correct, up-to-date and relevant as possible. If you find any errors or outdated information, please let us know by mailing to And if you have any suggestions for corrections, remarks or complaints, please use the same e-mailaddress.

UiT-activities in Antwerp

The activities you can find at and also with the search field come from the UiT database. The data input is handled by the city services, but also by inhabitants, associations, other authorities and companies. It gives you a detailed survey of the activities. The city of Antwerp, however, takes no responsibility for any errors on these pages.


The city of Antwerp holds the copyright on the information available on the website, including images, logos and photos. No part of these texts or graphic representations may be disclosed, distributed and/or multiplied without written consent. The use of the information for personal purposes is allowed. The text may be quoted freely provided the source is clearly mentioned.


The city of Antwerp confirms its commitment to the protection of your privacy when processing information on the use of Of course, the city is interested in the visitors of its site. Information about the surfing patterns on, however, is only used to support technical decisions and statistical results, never to identify individuals. Any information received by the city of Antwerp by means of a reply form, e-mail or application form is only used to handle the question, application or reaction. The website uses cookies for the subscriptions to the newsletter.

You can always ask whether your information is kept in a data base by mailing to If this is the case, you are always entitled to examine and, if applicable, correct this information. Your request will be passed on to the city service responsible for processing the information.


Official documents applied for by means of the e-office are only issued if your identity and your relationship to the person involved have been ascertained in accordance with the Privacy Protection Act of 8 December 1992.

Your personal information is only collected and processed to give you the information you applied for or to give you the required services online. Your personal information is only processed for the stated purpose. Your information is not disclosed to third parties or used for direct marketing purposes.

The city of Antwerp uses the best possible safety measures to prevent third parties from abusing the personal information you disclosed.

You always have access to your personal information and can check the correctness.

You can always ask to correct your personal information by mailing to

Accessibility and assistance


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The images on this site are described textually by means of ALT-tags. Merely decorative graphic elements contain empty ALT-tags.

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