Tips for a pleasant bike tour

Consider these practical tips and enjoy a fantastic bike tour in and around Antwerp.

Whether you are cycling with your own bike or a rental bike, always lock up your bike securely. Even if you're grabbing a quick coffee-to-go.

Wearing a helmet is not mandatory in Belgium, but we certainly recommend it. 

In Antwerp, as in the rest of the country, traffic coming from the right has right-of-way, unless indicated otherwise. Make sure that you can always brake, if necessary.  Keep in mind that lorry (and other) drivers might not have always seen you.

A bicycle has no indicators, so use your arms and hands to indicate direction. Reach out your hand when you want to turn or decide to stop suddenly. This is appreciated by other road users.

It is really worth it to take one of the tunnels towards the Left Bank to enjoy the view of the Antwerp skyline. Do you want to be sure that the tunnels are accessible? Then check before you leave.

Thanks to the handy node system, you can compile your own cycling tour. For example, you can use Need some inspiration? Why not be guided by our free cycling maps, which you can also find on Google Maps.

Are you following a signposted route and notice that there is a problem with missing or damaged signs? Please notify us on Your fellow cyclists will thank you. 

Do you want to take your bike out during the winter months? Totally agree! There's nothing better than the fresh, cold air in your face, while the winter sun warms you up a bit. But make sure that the lights on your bike work. We can also recommend wearing a fluorescent jacket. 

A lot of roadworks are happening in and around Antwerp. Go to for an overview of the roadworks and a smart route planner.

Do you want to rent a bike? Are you already familiar with our revamped Easygoing and Urban Jungle tour? What about the combination of cycling and architecture? Discover everything there is to know about cycling in Antwerp.

Sigrid Spinnox


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