A day offline in Antwerp

Who can still remember how it feels to be offline? A day without Facebook, WhatsApp, Spotify or Snapchat. No checking your email or the weather forecast on your phone in the morning. No planning your route on Google Maps and then exploring the city using the camera on your smartphone or tablet. And yet it can be very refreshing to unplug for a day. We help you to experience your city trip to Antwerp in a different way.

Why offline?

It's often said that ‘Offline is the new luxury’. Travel is about connecting with places and people, not technology. You don’t need Internet. Everything’s indicated on signs. You can ask people. Going offline has a surprising number of benefits.

How do you begin?

Going offline is surprisingly simple! Just switch off your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Leave it in your bag or in your hotel before you head out into the city. Instead, bring a notebook or sketchbook and some pens or pencils with you. Maybe a city map too.

Go out and let yourself be guided by what you feel, see, hear or smell. Talk to a local. Ask for directions. Or get lost and discover places you might otherwise never have seen. Record your experiences in writing or make drawings of what you see. Forget your posts and likes on social media: what matters is that you’re here and enjoying yourself right now!

Still need some ideas on how to organise your day?

Morning: discover a quiet spot in the city

On the Antwerp Museum App you can find a number of quiet spots in the city. These are public places, each with its own specific sounds, but where you can relax. Choose one to start your day. Have a seat or walk around. Here's a small selection to inspire you:

Afternoon: time for slow art

In the afternoon, pick out one of Antwerp’s museums. Slow art is a new trend in which you really take your time over a selection of artworks. Instead of hurrying through all the rooms and glancing at (and possibly photographing) hundreds of works, select a few to really take in properly. The result will be that you see far more. Ignore all the explanatory texts and don’t be afraid to skip a few rooms. A few tips.


François De Heel


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