Antwerp locals welcome you

Antwerp locals are known for their indiscretion, frankness and glib conversation. They proudly show you their favourite spots in the city and christen you a Sinjoor (an Antwerp local). Follow them through alleys, cross squares to the majestic Grote Markt and the cosy Groenplaats. Feel at home in the heart of the beautiful city on the river. 

The Antwerp locals are known for their indiscretion, frankness and glib conversation. They are friendly and proud to show you the most beautiful parts of their ‘metropolis’. This walk takes you along charming alleys and squares to the majestic Market Square or Grote Markt and the convivial Groenplaats. After this interesting introduction you will immediately feel at home in the heart of the city and you can go on to explore the city yourself.
This is an interesting and entertaining introduction to the historic city.
 The trail takes you along: VRIJDAGMARKT - VLAEYKENSGANG – GROTE MARKT (town hall and Brabo Fountain) - H. CONSCIENCEPLEIN - GROENPLAATS (Cathedral of Our Lady and Rubens statue).
It includes a short visit - if open to: the monumental pedestrian tunnel under the Scheldt, the quiet courtyard of the Museum Plantin-Moretus and the Baroque interior of St. Charles Borromeo’s Church.
Start: at the guides’ office near the coach parking at Scheldekaai 19 (Plantinkaai) or at the entrance of the pedestrian tunnel on Sint‑J ansvliet or on Groenplaats at the Rubens Statue.
Finish: Groenplaats or Sint-J ansvliet or coach parking at Scheldekaai 19.

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