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For over five centuries, Antwerp has been the world’s number one diamond trading centre. 86% of all rough diamonds and 50% of all polished diamonds worldwide are bought and sold in Antwerp. Thanks to this app, everyone can now discover how this diamond story started and what goes on behind closed doors in the diamond district. Learn everything there is to know about diamonds in Antwerp in the eight themes of this app, which virtually opens the door of this industry.

Eight themes

Learn some interesting facts and secrets about diamonds. Why did diamonds become a popular stone for engagement rings for example and did you know that a carat weighs just as much as two apple pips?

The brief historic overview sheds light on the world history of diamonds as well as on the history of diamonds in Antwerp. The oldest document that points to the existence of the diamond trade in Antwerp dates from 1447!

The themes From the mine to your finger and Who does what provide an overview of the diamond industry and trade. Closed doors are virtually opened in this theme: how does a diamond exchange work, what does a grader do, why are Antwerp diamond cutters and polishers so reputable and so on.

The Hall of fame is a gallery of striking diamonds (diamond items) and well-known historical figures who have a link with diamonds, including Rubens and Napoleon.

We speak diamondsdiscusses the multicultural aspect that is so typical of the diamond trade. Seventy different nationalities work together in Antwerp’s diamond district.

You also receive tips for buying diamond jewellery, with a list of the jewellers in Antwerp that have obtained the Antwerp’s Most Brilliant label and other interesting places to discover.

Finally, you can also put together your own list of favourite locations that have a historical or contemporary link with diamonds thanks to the location list and create your own diamond route.

The application is available in four languages and can be downloaded for free from the App store or the Google Play store.

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