Antwerp Wantjes

Loved by Antwerp's residents and famous far beyond Antwerp: 'Antwerpse Handjes' are famous biscuits and chocolates shaped like a hand. This regional product will be given a wintry look during Winter in Antwerp. 'Antwerpse Wantjes' (mittens) can be purchased at 15 bakeries in Antwerp.

The first Antwerpse Handjes, dessert biscuits that refer to the legend of how Antwerp got its name, appeared in 1934. According to legend, Silvius Brabo chopped off the hands of a giant named Antigoon and threw them in the Scheldt River (Hand-werpen = hand throwing).

Limited edition

Now, 82 years later, Antwerpse Handjes are being celebrated with a special winter edition: the Antwerpse Wantjes. Indeed, to beat the winter cold the Handjes are putting on Wantjes (mittens).

You can only purchase these Limited Edition all-butter biscuits during Winter in Antwerp.

Antwerp bakeries and pastry shops

Antwerpse Wantjes are only available at a limited number bakeries and pastry shops during Winter in Antwerp. They include:


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