Antwerp ZOO

The Antwerp ZOO is one of the oldest and best-known zoos in Europe. It will take you and your parents at least half a day to see and do it all! The penguins live in Vriesland with their own arctic enclosure, elephants and giraffes are as tall as the Egyptian temple they stay in and hippopotamuses goof around in a pink villa. 950 different species and 5000 animals live at the zoo, that’s more than all the sweets you’ll ever eat all in one place!

Antwerp ZOO is also a very special place because it has a programme to help save animals that are endangered such as bonobos and okapi. What are they? You may ask – well come and visit the zoo to see who’s who! The Zoo’s beautiful buildings and garden have been listed as monuments and when it was built in 1843, more than 150 years ago it was just outside of the city’s walls. Now – the city has grown so much that the ZOO is now in the middle of town and is a green oasis next to Central Station.

The summer of 2016 sees the launch of a new ZOO with a new Welcome Square and renovated historic architecture. The impressive savanna expands the ZOO by 1.5 hectares: in Europe's most dangerous bird cage, the Marabou Storks share their accommodation with the Cape Buffaloes, the villains of the savanna. Unique in the world and only for true daredevils.. The spectacular panoramic view from the new restaurant and the lookout across the giraffes and zebras complete your savanna experience. But don’t forget to include the koalas, the reef aquarium, and the butterfly garden in your visit.

Antwerp ZOO brings you closer to the animals.



Koningin Astridplein 26
+32 32 24 89 10

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