What is this label?

If you are looking for something different, unique or extraordinary, we are certain that you will find it in Antwerp. Antwerp’s Most Brilliant, the quality certificate of the City of Antwerp and the World Diamond Centre, will point you in the right direction. This certificate is awarded to jewellers who meet the rigorous quality requirements. Thanks to this label you can buy jewellery confidently.

How does a jeweller obtain this certification?

A jeweller has to meet strict quality requirements to obtain the Antwerp’s Most Brilliant label. The certified jewellers meet the highest standards in terms of sustainability, safety, ethics, transparency, service and company stability. Naturally they also comply with Belgian economic, social and tax legislation. In short: these jewellers really deserve this certification.

How is the quality guaranteed?

An Antwerp jeweller can only obtain certification after an independent audit by Kiwa, an accredited audit and inspection organisation, which visits every jeweller annually to check for compliance with strict criteria. Kiwa draws up a binding report after its audit. The City of Antwerp and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre will only grant the certificate if the jeweller obtains an excellent score for each of the criteria. Moreover the label is controlled by the professional jewellers’ federation Ars Nobilis and the Federal Public Service Economy.
These are the jewellers who have gained the Antwerp’s Most Brilliant label.

Noortje Palmers


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