Ask Antwerp

Are you planning a visit to Antwerp and looking for a unique tip, address or personal experience? Then be sure to use Ask Antwerp. This chatbot uses (Facebook) Messenger to put you in touch with our Antwerp locals.


How does it work?

Go to Facebook Messenger and look for Ask Antwerp. Ask your question in English and click send.  You will immediately receive confirmation that your question has been sent to some locals. The first one to react will be the one that helps you.

Don't be afraid to ask

Where can I drink the best coffee in Antwerp, which sights should not be missed, what’s on this evening, where can I find a nice place to eat... Ask a local! They'll be delighted to help. 

Network of locals

There are currently over 100 enthusiastic locals in the group, ready to answer your questions as quickly as possible. They know their city like no other, and will try and surprise you with unique tips and facts, including a few off the traditional tourist track. 


Visit Antwerpen | Jasper Kuylen


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