Baroque Burez

The Antwerp photographer Athos Burez (b. 1987) will reveal his most Baroque side in the MAS’s walking boulevard. The exhibition highlights the beauty, the fantasy and “unheimlichkeit” or weirdness of his colourful visual language. Antwerp’s tallest museum will become a Baroque beacon for the city for one year, thanks to Burez’s works, which are displayed on the large light walls of the MAS.

A new take on Baroque style themes

In 2018, the MAS will welcome the young photographer-artist Athos Burez with a photo series about the Baroque. He has created 80 images and installations, which, when combined, highlight his refreshing, contemporary take on various genres from this style period, including still-lifes, portraits, landscapes and interiors. Burez’s work takes an almost surreal approach to familiar images, causing them to almost float between two worlds. Old Baroque elements are juxtaposed with the new, with the present, in this photo exhibition in the MAS, creating an entirely new and unique Baroque visual culture.

Walking boulevard

The exhibition will be held in the MAS’s walking boulevard. As you make your way up past the escalators, you can see Athos Burez’s unique Baroque interpretation of the city in the display cases and on the large light walls. Diptychs, triptychs and polyptychs fill the light walls, like beacons which you can recognise from afar.

The MAS will open its walking boulevard and panoramic terrace to everyone who wants to enjoy a picnic. Bring food and drink, find the perfect spot and spread out your picnic blanket. You can bring your own or borrow one from free from the information desk on the ground floor.

MAS | from 1 June 2018

Athos Burez


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