Experience the restoration of the portico and the garden pavilion

You can still see two original elements from Rubens’ home in the Rubens House, namely the portico and the garden pavilion. After 400 years, the time has come for a much-needed restoration. As a visitor, you enjoy exclusive access to the restoration works.

The portico and garden pavilion are the only two original elements of Rubens’ home and are also a rare example of the master’s work as an architect. These 400-year old elements need some restoration.

During the festival year “Antwerp Baroque 2018. Rubens inspires”, the public will be able to keep up with the restoration’s progress. You can follow and experience the restoration first-hand. Discover the craftsmanship of the conservator-restorers during tours, lectures, site visits and various digital applications. This is a unique opportunity to get very up close and personal with Rubens’ architecture.

The programme with special site visits, lectures, and tours will be published in the spring of 2018. A presentation will give you a better insight into previous restorations that were conducted in the Rubens House and first-hand testimonials.

Rubens House | from 01.06.2018

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