Born in Antwerp: Antwerp’s creative talent in the spotlight

‘Born in Antwerp’ is the latest breeding-ground for creative entrepreneurship in Antwerp. From April to October, the project puts Antwerp’s creative talent in the spotlight. Discover the work of Antwerp’s entrepreneurs during numerous events, exhibitions and activities. Download the free app to make sure you don’t miss anything. 

Antwerp has an incredible amount of creative talent per square kilometre. The city has its artists, fashion and product designers, architects, writers, developers, musicians, producers, advertisers and more. Antwerp’s creative scene is exceptionally rich and diverse. All creative industries are strongly represented by more than 8,000 creative businesses in the city on the Scheldt, which is a creative hub with a considerable power of attraction internationally. This is because Antwerp is the ideal testing-ground for creativity and innovation, a metropolis on a human scale.

From Rubens and Plantin to Dries Van Noten and Luc Tuymans

Ever since the Dutch Golden Age, the interaction between the arts and creative and cultural entrepreneurship has formed a key driver of Antwerp’s well-being and attractiveness. Numerous artists and entrepreneurs have worked in Antwerp: Brueghel learnt his craft here, Plantin made the art of printing accessible to a wide public and Rubens contributed actively to a cultural flowering of the city as a painter, entrepreneur, diplomat, graphic artist, designer, collector and teacher. Today, Antwerp is still a place to which creative talent willingly gravitates – an operating base from which the world can be conquered. Obvious examples include Panamarenko, Dries Van Noten, Jan Fabre and Luc Tuymans, but also creative businesses such as Zeno X Gallery, Duval Guillaume, Shelter, ShowTex and ID&T.

Download the app to be sure of not missing anything

During Born in Antwerp (22 April to 2 October), you can discover numerous initiatives that contribute to Antwerp’s attractiveness and appeal as a breeding-ground and haven for creative talent. Five key figures from the city’s creative sector supplement the rich Born in Antwerp programme with a wide range of events and exhibitions. They are fashion designer Bruno Pieters, visual artist Lieven Segers, 3D designer and illustrator Rizon Parein, industrial designer Axel Enthoven and Isabel Van den Broeck of Creative Belgium.
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