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Culture, sport, entertainment… Antwerp hosts plenty of colourful events every year, including festivals, exhibitions and other events.

We have selected some events which you can’t afford to miss when writing an article about Antwerp. Contact us for further information.

Sunday shopping

Every first Sunday of the month, several shops are open in Antwerp’s historic city centre. There is plenty to choose from including fashion, design, antiques, delis and vintage shops. All within walking distance in a city that is both hip and historic, cool and classic, trendy and traditional.


Annual fashion show of the students of the world-famous Antwerp fashion academy. An international jury evaluates their creations.

Future Encounters – MAS

Future Encounters is a major art exhibition in the MAS that focuses on the beauty of art. Visitors can admire 120 different artworks, including paintings and sculptures, video art, installations and textiles. The exhibition essentially is a showroom of artistic beauty from several eras and cultures. You can also attend daily performances.


During the culinary “Smaakmeesters” (Taste Masters) event, Antwerp is transformed into an enormous food market. Several bars and restaurants can’t wait to share their craftsmanship and serve up delicious culinary treats to visitors.

Opening DIVA and MAS diamond exhibition

DIVA, a unique museum experience about the enchanting world of diamonds, jewellery and goldsmithing will open to the public in May 2018. The exhibition in the MAS, titled “Objects of Desire” ties in perfectly with this (18/10/2017-14/01/2018).

Winter in Antwerp 2017

Winter in Antwerp wouldn’t be quite complete without the Christmas market and other events. In December and January, you can enjoy the great atmosphere in the city’s squares and shopping streets, the open-air ice skating rink, a winter bar, original and fun shops, special Sunday shopping events and countless surprises.

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