Cathedral of Our Lady

After 169 years of construction the cathedral of Antwerp finally dominated Antwerp's skyline in 1521 with a height of 123 metres. It's the highest Gothic building in the Low Countries.

It took 169 years (1352-1521) of labour to raise the 123m heavenward-reaching steeple of the Cathedral, the highest Gothic building in the Low Countries.

The Cathedral is an iconic treasury, with an impressive collection of major art works, including a series of paintings by Rubens. Now, after twenty years, the seven-naved church has been restored to its former architectural glory. Fascinating features include Rubens’ ‘Elevation of the Cross’ and his ‘Descent from the Cross’.

Any visit to Antwerp starts with a visit of the Cathedral of Our Lady.

Get the most out of your visit: book a guide

Out and about with your family, friends, association or colleagues? Then a guided tour might be just what you are looking for. In addition to interesting facts and information tailored to the needs of your group, a guide’s professional explanation will allow you to fully experience the church. The range of guided tours and all practical information can be found on Monumental Churches Antwerp.

Carillon concerts

In July and August, the city carillonneurs play a concert from the cathedral tower on several Monday evenings. While you cannot attend the concert, you can head to the Town Hall’s “Schoon Verdiep” where you listen in peace to the city’s highest jukebox. Free, but book your seat in advance.

De Plek 

After visiting the cathedral, make sure to stop by at the bistro De Plek, which recently won an interior design award.  In front of De Plek, the former St. John's Chapel behind the sacristy has been converted into a cosy meeting place for residents, tourists and churchgoers.  You can go there for a drink and a bite to eat.  Beer aficionado?  Then don't forget to try the cathedral beer, available in blond and dark.

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