Chocolate Nation

Chocolate Nation directly opposite Central Station is the largest Belgian chocolate museum in the world, entirely devoted to Belgian chocolate. By the way, did you know that Belgium's very first chocolate factory opened in Antwerp in 1831? These days, there's a chocolate shop on pretty much every street corner.


Antwerp and chocolate

As well as finding every large Belgian chocolate brand in Antwerp, you will also discover artisanal chocolatiers with some heavenly creations. The Port of Antwerp is the largest storage site of cacao beans in the world and top chocolatiers are trained at the Provincial Institute for the Catering Industry of Antwerp (PIVA).  So it's hardly surprising that a chocolate experience is being launched here.

Belgian chocolate

Chocolate Nation tells the story of Belgian chocolate. A place packed with experiences and tales of chocolate brands and chocolatiers. It will give you a unique insight into Belgian chocolate traditions and innovations.


You will start your experience in the jungle, to then end up in the Port of Antwerp. You will see how a life-size, mobile, imaginary machine makes Belgian chocolate and discover why Belgian chocolate is so famous. In short, not to be missed if you love chocolate.

Atelier and workshops

Chocolate Nation has its own bean-to-bar atelier where the chocolatiers roast selected cocoa beans and process them into chocolate. This chocolate is then processed in the atelier into all kinds of homemade chocolate products.  Visitors can see the chocolatiers at work in the atelier during the tour in the museum.Chocolate Nation also organises workshops for groups on request or for individuals on a number of fixed dates during the year. In addition, thematic workshops are also regularly organised.

More information about the different workshops:

Chocolate Nation


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