CityZine app (iOS)

CityZine is a Belgian city guide that seeks to give you the ultimate urban experience. The mobile hedonist is already rubbing his hands in glee, because the free CityZine iPhone app is available in the iTunes App Store!

Feeling hungry and wanting some good food on your city trip? Fancy a spot of shopping in style? Or perhaps would you like to spend the night in a unique setting? Thanks to the free CityZine application, you can scan a list, filter by category or make use of the GPS function to find out which shops, restaurants and/or hotels are near you. And your opinion counts. You can review each business, add photos and/or award stars. You will even get a 360° virtual tour of many places, so you can explore every nook and cranny before you set foot in the place. The app is also suitable for iPad and iPod touch.



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