Closer to Baroque

The exhibition “Closer to Baroque”, in the MAS Museum, takes visitors on a journey from public life in the seventeenth-century to the more intimate world of the upper classes.

Majestic, lavish and theatrical.  At first glance, these are just some of the words you might associate with the “Flemish Baroque”.  But there is another, lesser-known and more intimate side to the Baroque, namely that of artworks and luxury objects that were created for the elite.

Baroque was expressed in public artworks, including impressive altarpieces.  But during this period, artists also created magnificent artworks for private patrons.  Seventeenth-century nobility and the wealthy merchants of Antwerp and the surrounding region decorated their interiors, with their gilt leather wall hangings, with stunning paintings, luxurious furniture and precious silverware.
The exhibition “Closer to Baroque” in the MAS introduces you to all of this and more, as well as transposing this into a more contemporary story. Visitors have the opportunity to discover famous as well as lesser-known Baroque gems, which are preserved in museums and private collections. 

A co-production of the MAS and the Rubens House.

Other autumn exhibitions: Cokeryen. Photo, film, food by Tony Le Duc Snijders & Rockox House, Baroque Book Design Museum Plantin-Moretus. Overview programme for autumn 2018.


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