Comics Station

Comics Station Antwerp is a new indoor park based on Belgian cartoon characters at Antwerp’s Central Station.


Unique project for young and old alike

Comics Station Antwerp is an indoor park based on Belgian comic strip heroes. The list of popular, and often world famous, Belgian cartoon characters, like The Smurfs, Robbedoes, Lucky Luke, De Rode Ridder (The Red Knight) and Suske en Wiske[1], is impressive.
The park seeks to offer a unique experience for the whole family. Everyone is bound to find something to their liking in the numerous attractions, installations and all kinds of modern and traditional interactive components that bring a comic book to life.

Six zones

Comics Station Antwerp takes you to the world of our Belgian cartoon characters. The park is divided into six zones, each dedicated to a popular character: Lucky Luke, The Kiekeboes, Jommeke, Suske en Wiske, Urbanus and The Smurfs. It also comprises a reading corner, a creative corner, a theatre and a cinema.   

The world’s most beautiful station

Comics Station will be accommodated in the magnificent railway station of Antwerp-Central. For over 100 years, the station has attracted travellers and spectators from Belgium and abroad. The station is not just beautiful, it is also easy to get to by any mode of transportation, beit train, tram, bus, car or bicycle.         

Since the Antwerp-Central station is one of the world’s finest, make sure to pay it a visit. 


Adult | child >3 y (price at box office): € 21,50
Adult | child >3 y (online): € 19,50



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