Rubens’ Return

A dozen masterpieces, with art historical relevance, will be added to the Rubens House’s collection.  Each of these masterpieces enhances and accentuates the story about the master’s life and work. Definitely worth (re-)discovering the Rubens House in other words!

Rubens’ palazzo in Antwerp is one of the best-known artist’s homes in the world. Enter the Rubens House and you literally step into the master’s world. It was where he experienced family joys and sorrows, and where he welcomed princes and dignitaries and where he did most of his painting.

In the run-up to “Antwerp Baroque 2018. Rubens inspires”, a dozen remarkable masterpieces will be added to the Rubens House's collection. Previously the Rubens House already welcomed a work by Tintoretto and two van Dycks. More will join them now, including several masterpieces by Italian masters who inspired Rubens, works by some of his most talented apprentices and masterpieces by Rubens himself, which will return to the place for which they were originally created for the first time since their departure. And of course, there is Rubens’ self-portrait, which revealed several new secrets during its thorough restoration.

The new additions will be published in the run-up to the festival.

Rubens House | from 01.06.2018

Dave Van Laere


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