Designed by Rubens

“Designed by Rubens” pays special attention to a unique aspect of this artist’s career, namely Rubens as the designer of luxurious and exclusive art objects in precious materials such as silver, ivory or bronze.

Rubens first saw such objects during his stay in Italy, which were created by artists that inspired him, like Rafael (1483-1520) and Giulio Romano (c. 1499-1546) among others. He subsequently rose to the challenge to create designs for similar precious art objects in his studio in Antwerp. The designs were executed by young, talented sculptors such as the German Georg Petel (1601/02-1634) and the Flemings Artus I Quellinus (1609- 1668) and Lucas Faydherbe (1617-1697), who also happened to be his friends.

For the first time ever, the exhibition “Designed by Rubens” will bring together thirty designs (paintings, sketches in oils and drawings) and objects.

Rubens House | expected in 2020, at the same time as the opening of the Rubens Experience Center.

Collectie Rubenshuis Antwerpen, foto Ans Brys


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