Paul Kooiker | Untitled (Nude)

Paul Kooiker’s work often centres around the female nude, which also happens to be one of the many clichés that are usually associated with the work of Peter Paul Rubens. Kooiker, however, wants to tell you more about yourself, the spectator, with his images, rather than about his model. His images turn everyone into a voyeur. You think that you are looking at something that was not destined for your eyes. Or perhaps it was? Kooiker is inspired by the Baroque, during the age of Rubens and Rembrandt, for this exhibition.


Paul Kooiker's (b. 1964, the Netherlands) work is about “looking”, about voyeurism, about shame and distance. He starts from the ancient tradition, about questions about the relationship between the artist and his model. His obsessive series can be confusing, humiliating, destabilising and invalidating. They question his position as a photographer, raise questions about the spectator and about how Kooiker looks at his subject.

The nude in the arts

Kooiker has been creating images starting from the nude in the arts for many years, developing his own aberrant art history.  For this project, he has agreed to divert his gaze, once-only, to the Baroque of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the Baroque of both Rubens and Rembrandt.

About Paul Kooiker

Paul Kooiker (The Netherlands, b. 1964) lives in Amsterdam and lectures at the Rietveld Academy. In 1996, he won the Prix de Rome and in 2009, the A. Roland Holst Prize for his entire body of work. Some of his best-known books and exhibitions include Hunting and Fishing (1999), Showground (2004), Crush (2009), Sunday (2011) and Nude Animal Cigar (2015). After various solo exhibitions in the Netherlands (Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in 2009; Fotomuseum Den Haag in 2014), this is his first major project in Belgium.

FOMU Photo Museum Antwerp | 29.06.2018 - 07.10.2018. Read more about this exhibition.

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