Restoration of the portico Rubens House

Work on the portico and the garden pavilion is still in full swing. Because of the restoration, the imposing portico, the focal point of the Rubens House, can’t be viewed in its entirety. ‘Antwerp Baroque 2018’ offers a one-off opportunity to climb the scaffolding and view the restoration at first hand: never before have visitors had such a great opportunity to get so close to Rubens’s architecture.

Secrets of the portico

A digital application in the museum courtyard explores the portico’s symbolism, history and secrets using 3D simulations, traditional visual material and photographs of the ongoing works.


Walking the scaffolding

A walk around the scaffolding allows visitors to view the skills of the restorers at first hand. 


Ans Brys


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Opening Days

From: 2018-06-01 Until: 2019-01-13
2 10:00 - 17:00
3 10:00 - 17:00
4 10:00 - 17:00
5 10:00 - 17:00
6 10:00 - 17:00
0 10:00 - 17:00

Special opening days

Special closing days

Individual visitors

Price per person: 10

Free for holders of a Baroque Festival Card

Reduction rates

> 65: 8.

12 - 25: 8.

< 12: 0.

Card holders

City Card: .



Minimum people per group.

Maximum people per group.

Price per person: €

Price per group: € 75



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