The Silver Triennial is the renowned international competition for contemporary silver, with 123 artists from 19 countries participating, including two with Belgian roots. Discover the competition submissions starting 16 February at DIVA.  


The international competition is organised every three years. In all, 123 artists from 19 countries participated in the 19th edition. Belgium was represented by David Huycke and Helena Schepens.

A silver world

Seven round dinner tables form the décor for the silver objects, drawing a playful link to silverware. Visitors are challenged to think about the use of silver objects. Artisanry plays a central role in the scenography.

Contemporary & innovative

The exhibition displays the best that contemporary silver has to offer. DIVA will indicate the objects that received awards, as well as the names of the designers and the techniques that were used. From 3D printing to folding silver: discover the newest innovations in this exhibition.

Eva Jünger


Suikerrui 17

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