Dressed by Antwerp

The fashion programme of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp is one of the most influential in its kind in the world. For several decades, graduates have been appointed to key positions in various Belgian and international fashion houses. The city is proud of this reputation, which is why it wishes to promote this fashion scene.


The campaign

The Dressed by Antwerp campaign illustrates the international influence of Antwerp’s fashion scene. (Inter)national fans of Antwerp fashion pose in the designs of three Master students, namely Shuting Qiu, Nick Haemels and Julia Ballardt.

The campaign will initially run in airports and international train stations.

In the run-up to the annual catwalk show of the Fashion Department of Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts in early June 2019, the campaign will also appear on Antwerp’s streets.

The models

Elodie Ouedraogo, a former athlete/Olympian and designer (42I54) and Tom Smith, the singer of the the British rock band Editors, have posed for the campaign. They both have a soft spot for Antwerp fashion.

“In Belgium, people often underestimate how important our country is on the international fashion scene. The Antwerp Fashion Academy has produced such a lot of talent. Several major fashion houses have hired designers, who graduated from our Academy”, says Elodie.

Tom Smith doesn’t think he’s a fashion expert. He has worn designs by Dries Van Noten in the past, and has visited his shop and workshops in Antwerp, with his band. “I admire the fact that the city wants to promote its fashion scene. And it matches my idea of the city. It has a special vibe. Here they embrace less obvious, avant-garde ideas in the arts.”

The designers

Shuting Qiu studied fashion in China, but her fascination for the Antwerp Six brought her to Antwerp. “It was my dream to be able to study at the Fashion Academy where the designers I look up to also studied. The Antwerp fashion aesthetic is unique and different.”

Nick Haemels was born and raised in Antwerp. “Antwerp is not London or Paris, which is precisely what makes it so interesting. In a sense, Antwerp is an outsider. You have more freedom to develop as a designer. And it pays off, if you look at where the designers, who graduate from the Academy, end up.”

After attending a catwalk show of the Fashion Department, Julia Ballardt, who hails from Germany, was convinced. “I was hellbent on studying at the Antwerp Academy. I wanted to learn from the best, from designers whom I admired for their work and guts. I love the amazing energy you feel here.”

Find out more about Antwerp fashion.

Zeb Daemen


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