Dazzling Desires

The MAS illustrates how desires have disguised themselves as diamonds and how for centuries man has derived meaning and a sense of purpose from the acquisition of valuable objects. This exhibition also kicks off the Antwerp diamond year 'Antwerp Diamond Capital since 1447', giving a taste of what is yet to come.

People desire. Status. Power. Love and romance. Eternal life. Wealth. For centuries, people have expressed their desires in stunning, at times precious and even rare objects that appeal to the imagination. Diamonds are the perfect example.

In essence, a diamond is nothing more than a bit of compacted carbon. But from a cultural perspective, diamonds have objects of human desire. Rulers use diamonds to illustrate their power, lovers use them to express their feelings while the rich like to use them as a status symbol.

The exhibition Dazzling Desires examines how people have used objects to express their pursuit of status and power, their desire for love, romance and spirituality. So which role do diamonds play in this? And have they always played such an important role, throughout various eras and cultures?

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