Programme Saturday 6 April

The day before the Tour of Flanders, you can enjoy the pre-race buzz in Antwerp. Wave to the cycling tourists as they depart for their Tour. Take part in the Antwerp ‘cycling on rollers’ competition. Or watch the documentary ‘The Tour 102’ by Woestijnvis.

Tour for cycling tourists

Have a knack for cycling? Take the ultimate test and ride the Tour of Flanders on 6 April: the We Ride Flanders Cyclo. You can choose between different distances and different starting points. If you want to ride the full route, you start in Antwerp. The cycling tourists will gather between 7am and 8am at the Gedempte Zuiderdokken. Then they will cycle to Steenplein, where the official start will be held. Interested? Read more here.

New: VeloFoor

This year, a new event called the VeloFoor will be held at the Gedempte Zuiderdokken. Be wowed by stunts by Kenny Belaey on a trail bike and Gilles Van de Sompel on a BMX and test your own cycling abilities. Children can cycle to their hearts’ content on a cycling route. And who knows, maybe you'll be Antwerp's ‘cycling on rollers’ champion! Entry is free.

Party in the Fan Village

In the afternoon, the official Fan Village of the Tour of Flanders will be open on Groenplaats. On Saturday, you’ll look back on the 2018 Tour with the documentary by production company Woestijnvis, ‘The Tour 102’.  You can also shop for trendy cycling clothing and accessories and visit the healthy food and drink stands. Entry is free.

Bahamontes on Tour

In the evening, Bahamontes, Flanders most prominent cycling magazine, will host an ode to cycling and the Tour of Flanders in the Arenberg Theatre. Expect a mix of interviews, music, humour and even some poetry. Buy your tickets here.


7am - 8am: start of We Ride Flanders Cyclo, Scheldt quays at Het Steen
12pm - 6pm: Fan Village open, Groenplaats
12pm - 6pm: VeloFoor, Gedempte Zuiderdokken
8.15pm: Bahamontes on Tour, Arenberg Theatr


Mike Van Cleven



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