MAS |Museum aan de Stroom

Since 2011, the MAS, the Museum aan de Stroom, has been situated on the trendy Eilandje, Antwerp's oldest docklands. It is the spot where the city and the port meet, and both the beautiful architecture and the museum collection itself are perfect examples of this.

City on the river

Antwerp is the city on the Scheldt, the city on one of the great rivers of Europe. Over the centuries, this has put the city at the centre of trade networks and cultural exchanges between people from all over the world. The MAS collects evidence of these exchanges and exhibits all these fascinating stories. About the city, the river, the port and the rest of the world. The MAS is a multifaceted museum, chock full of stories and surprises.

A museum collection that never ceases to amaze

The MAS is the steward of a vast collection. The current collection consists of no less than 500,000 rotating pieces. From art to utensils and tells stories from all corners of the globe.

With 'Celebration!', you will learn all about these colourful rituals and universal traditions through a mix of festive objects from different museum collections. History buffs will enjoy the Pre-Columbian Americas art collection, which reconstructs life in America before the arrival of the Europeans through 400 masterpieces from Alaska to Chile. Or have you always wanted to know more about the World Port of which Antwerp is a part? Then don't miss the exhibition 'World Port: about trade and shipping'! In this exhibition, you will even find out about the secrets of life under the water's surface, thanks to peculiar creatures that wash up on the banks of the Scheldt in between the freight and cargo. 

These exhibitions are just a selection from the full range offered by the MAS: a museum where you will not be bored for a second.

Sky-high Delight

A visit to the MAS means exploring the building from top to bottom. You have no fewer than 10 floors to explore! And while you do so, you will discover that the museum is much larger than the building itself. With every floor you ascend, not only does the hidden masterpiece 'Dead Skull’ by Luc Tuymans down below on the square become increasingly more visible, but the entire Antwerp metropolis unfolds before you. On your way to the panoramic roof terrace on the highest floor, the city, the Scheldt and the port loom even larger. At 60 metres above sea level, this panoramic boulevard is a true apotheosis at the culmination of your voyage of discovery through the museum!

Get the most out of your visit: book a guide

Out and about with your family, friends, association or colleagues? Then a guided tour might be just what you are looking for. In addition to interesting facts and information tailored to the needs of your group, a guide’s professional explanation will allow you to fully experience the museum. The range of guided tours and all practical information can be found on

Don’t forget to also take some time and explore the Eilandje after visiting the MAS. Discover what else this hip part of Antwerp, which still feels very much like a port neighbourhood, has to offer.

Foto Sarah Blee | Neutelings Riedijk Architecten


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