Antwerp is the second largest port in Europe and the regeneration of the historical docks area affords the visitor a view of a true trendy city: stylish architecture, bars and restaurants muscling in the old town. Riches from the Golden Age abound around the historical city centre cobbled streets and much in contrast to many other cruise destinations the major sights are in walking distance of the berth. The aesthetics and functionality of this layout make Antwerp a unique cruise destination, providing what other places around the globe simply can’t duplicate.

Historical centre

In Antwerp ships have a dedicated berth in the historical city centre. Not many ports can offer passengers a prime location but in Antwerp you are our guest and get the best seat in the house. 

The Berth

The gangway

Your passengers can disembark quickly, safely, comfortably and efficiently thanks to the tidal gangway. 


A highly versatile, functional and spacious terminal building awaits your passengers and crew, with a fully staffed reception and lounge area complete with information desk, sanitary and screening facilities. There are extensive parking facilities adjacent to the terminal building. 

Dave Van Laere


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