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Facts and figures


In 2015, Antwerp had 57 accredited hotels. Fourteen percent of all the hotels were one or two star hotels, whereas 42.11% of the hotels had been awarded three stars. The three and four star hotels account for about 72% of all accredited hotels in Antwerp. The three and four star hotels also have the largest market share in terms of rooms. Almost 84% of all accredited rooms in Antwerp hotels are in three or four star hotels. 
(2015 Hotel report)

Take a look at the list of all the accredited accommodation in Antwerp. 

Overnight stays and arrivals

Antwerp is in the top three of Belgian destinations in terms of the number of overnight stays and arrivals, attracting both tourists and business visitors. In 2015, the city accounted for almost two million overnight stays. See more figures about overnight stays and arrivals in Antwerp.



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