Flemish Masters in Situ

The majestic Cathedral of Our Lady, St. Paul’s Church, St. Andrew’s Church, St. James’s Church and the recently restored St. Charles Borromeo’s Church. These churches were among the most faithful clients of Rubens and his contemporaries, commissioning plenty of new works. In 2018, the spotlight is on these works, in the building for which they were originally created.

Rubens in Situ

The “Flemish Masters in Situ” project puts masterpieces from the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in the spotlight, which can still be seen in the places for which they were originally created. Naturally Rubens’s work plays an important role in this project, especially in Antwerp. But the monumental churches will also be showcasing the work of his apprentices Jordaens and Van Dyck and his teacher, Van Veen. Thanks to this project you will come eye to eye with some masterpieces, both literally and figuratively speaking. You can also discover masterpieces that were especially created for these venues in the Court Chamber and the Imperial Chapel.

Selected works

Flemish Masters in Situ

Dave Van Laere




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