FOMU exhibitions fall 2018

FOMU presents the exhibitions Claude Samuel Zanele and Bieke DepoorterClaude Samuel Zanele contains work by Claude Cahun, Samuel Fosso and Zanele Muholi. The collection presentation Collection In Transit will also show some new presentations.

Claude Samuel Zanele

Claude, Samuel, Zanele. Three photographers who train the lens on themselves three times as a window on the world. They each address issues about politics, race, gender and identity in a personal way.

Throughout her life, Claude Cahun took photographs of herself that challenged preconceptions about gender and identity. Born Lucy Schwob into a Jewish family of publishers, she is known as a transgender avant-la-lettre, an outspoken opponent of Nazism and an active member of the surrealist art scene.

Samuel Fosso started his own photography studio at the age of thirteen. He used remnants of film rolls to take his first self-portraits. Fosso communicates a clear political message by continually adopting new identities. Through his work, postcolonial freedom fighters finally have a place in the museum.

For the series Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail The Dark Lioness, visual activist Zanele Muholi uses their own body as a canvas to address personal and cultural politics of race. Each self-portrait, taken in (South) Africa, America, Europe and elsewhere, asks critical questions about social (in)justice, human rights, and contested representations of the Black body.


Bieke Depoorter

Bieke Depoorter joined the renowned photography agency Magnum Photos in 2012. She already had an impressive career behind her at a young age. In her first solo exhibition for FOMU, Depoorter reveals a different side of herself: an artist at a turning point in her career. She questions her position as an image-maker and outsider in five separate series, some of which are still ongoing.


Collection In Transit

Preparations are underway for the large-scale relocation of FOMU’s collection to the new collection tower, the first low-energy depot for photography in Europe.

Take a look behind the scenes. Collection In Transit allows you to follow the objects on their journey to their new home as they are registered, described and restored. Observe all the aspects of collection conservation in the photography studio, restoration workshops and registration-unit.


Elvire Van Ooteghem


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