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This interactive museum houses one of the most significant photo collections in Europe, featuring both equipment and photo documents. Each year, the FOMU also presents several temporary exhibitions by nationally and internationally renowned photographers. Visitors can also attend lectures and workshops, as well as daily screenings organised by Cinema Zuid in the two beautifully equipped cinemas.

There is nothing negative about this museum, reopened in 2004 on Waalse Kaai after an extensive refurbishment. The new home was built behind the warehouse, which has served as the museum's accommodation since 1986.

The museum’s displays change every four months. Its focus is to showcase photography as a medium that is part of a broader social and cultural context. Next to artistic photos, the museum displays photojournalism, scientific photos, documentary photos and fashion photography as well as collections of associations, family photos, postcards and advertising photography.

The Photo Museum also organizes several exhibitions in which photography, film and new media are mixed and matched, fostering a new dialogue. In this way, it not only highlights the past and present, but also the future!

Jan Crab


Waalsekaai 47
+32 32 42 93 00

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