Blog: Exotic market

Do you keep feeling that urge to travel, to discover new things and get a taste of what the world has to offer? If that's the case, Antwerp is perfect for you. Enjoy a glass of beer at one of the many terraces; let yourself be tempted by our distinctive Belgian gastronomy, or explore the tapestry of cultures that is our city.

No better place to experience the holiday mood than at the exotic Saturday market –  called foreigners’ market a tad disrespectfully – on the Oudevaartplaats. You can make your way there on any given Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm to sample the wide range of fruits, vegetables, charcuterie and cheese, supplemented by a broad selection of inviting food stalls. Stallholders from various backgrounds will be your guide on a culinary journey around the world.
It is 10.45 when we get to the stand of 180 graden where we feast on a crisp croquette, stuffed with succulent shrimp that we wash down with a glass of Cava. Our holiday in our own country has officially begun. At Morocco Nuts, the neighbors across, the mood is also festive. Having presented a selection of fragrant olive samples on different reception tables, the vendors are busy spreading their tapenade on crusty bread to lure potential customers. Mission accomplished if you ask me.
After a stopover in the Netherlands where we are tempted by heavenly cheeses, we make our way to Mexico for a portion of spicy quesadillas and tortillas with finely diced tomatoes, chopped onion and a dollop of guacamole. We quench our thirst with a refreshing smoothie on the go while we once more swap South America for Europe.
From France we take a spicy cured sausage (5 peppers) and one with blue cheese as edible souvenirs for the home front, after which we cannot resist the lure of Quiche & Kitchen. A heavenly quiche and a glass of wine, and it's barely noon. That's allowed on holidays.
At the sight of the range of fresh pasta displayed at Pastaman next door, we immediately imagine ourselves in Italy. We'll be making a pot of parsley pasta later that evening, but before that, we share a Vietnamese spring roll. There should be no borders if you want to taste the world.
Before we delve back in the bustling Antwerp city life, we buy a fresh loaf of bread and stock up on some healthy snacks. We will enjoy the freshly roasted peanuts and plump, juicy blackberries in the afternoon. But first, a glass of mint tea!
Exotic market
Oudevaartplaats, Antwerp
Every Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm

August 2015



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