Free WiFi in Antwerp

Want to look up your favourite shop? Or the phone number of a restaurant? Thanks to the free wi-fi zones in the city, you can!

You can use the Internet for free, check your email and keep updated while you are visiting the city.

On the whole of ‘Via Sinjoor’, the central route from Central Station to the Scheldt, you can use the city’s wifi network for free: Koningin Astridplein, De Keyserlei, Meir, Wapper, Theaterplein, Meirbrug, Schoenmarkt, Groenplaats, Jan Blomstraat, Handschoenmarkt, Grote Markt, Suikerrui en Steenplein.

You will also find free wifi at these locations in Antwerp:

In Grote Markt inside Visit Antwerp (no. 15)
Cruiseterminal - Steenplein
Zuiderterras - Ernest van Dijckkaai 37
In De Coninckplein and inside Permeke Library
In Hendrik Conscienceplein and inside Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library
Park Spoor Noord – near the shelter and the events hall
Red Star Line Museum - Montevideostraat 3
MAS | Museum aan de Stroom – Hanzestedenplaats
FelixArchief - Oudeleeuwenrui 29
Museum Plantin-Moretus - Vrijdagmarkt 22-23
Hessenhuis - Falconrui 59
Museum Mayer van den Bergh - Lange Gasthuisstraat 19
Middelheimmuseum - Middelheimlaan 61
Mechelseplein (near the Antwerp district office)
Francis Wellesplein - Den Bell – courtyard
Digipolis Antwerpen - Generaal Armstrongweg 1
Spoor Oost site
Atlas Diversity Centre - Carnotstraat 110
Inside the Antwerp district office
Inside and around the Berchem district office
Inside and around the Berendrecht-Zandvliet-Lillo district office
Inside and around the Borgerhout district office
Inside and around the Deurne district office
Inside and around the Ekeren district office
Inside and around the Merksem district office
Inside the Hoboken district office
Inside the Wilrijk district office and Bist Library
• Letterenhuis - Minderbroedersstraat 22

Everyone can access the city’s websites without additional registration thanks to the free Wi-Fi zones (search for “Antwerp Free Wi-Fi). The city’s websites are,, and Users must, however, register to access other websites, using a Google+ or Facebook profile. After registering, they can also log on with the A profile which they created on

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