Hello Antwerp Terms of Service & Privacy

With helloAntwerp the city of Antwerp means to broaden its service towards the many vistiors that come to stay in the city every year. Besides the current services like the physical tourist information centers the city hopes to service many more tourists with relevant information to their stay at through the means of an assisting chatbot.

Users get to ask questions regarding their stay in the city and will receive personalized information relevant to the topics they were inquiring about.

1. Privacy and helloAntwerp

1.1. Why a privacy policy?

The city of Antwerp does not take your privacy lightly. Our privacy policy offers you a means of looking into how the city processes your details and how they are used.

1.2. Which privacy principles?

The principles that form the base of the city wide digital strategy, are used in her privacy policy:

the user is central: you, as a user, remains owner of your details. You do not want the city to use your details, then you are free to let us know. However, if you want to enjoy certain services it is inevitable that the city requests data. The necessary information is then used in the context of better services; of course, subject to compliance with the applicable legal standards.

the city wants to communicate with you as personalized as possible: If the city asks for data, this is to offer you an efficient and personal experience. Personalized communication makes the information relevant to you. For example, if the city knows your location or interests, the city can provide you with more targeted information for example route guidance or offer you a solution to your question closest to your location

Of course, the city takes all the necessary precautions to protect your data as well as possible. The city does not share or provide your information with or to other organizations or agencies.

2. General Terms

2.1. Why talk to helloAntwerp?

As a visitor in Antwerp looking for an activity this afternoon, or something to eat this evening it is easy to just go for the main eye catchers in tourist guidebooks. However helloAntwerp offers a different approach. We put you in contact with a local from the city of Antwerp who dedicates his time to provide an answer on your questions that you wouldn’t find in many of those guidebooks. A restaurant off the beaten path or an activity you wouldn’t have expected. All of this to give you an experience never to forget.

2.2 Why share your location?

In order to personoalize the answer to your question even more, we’d love to provide you with things to do or visit close to your current location. With facebook’s interface to share your own location or a location of your choosing we allow our locals to provide the best suggestions in that area.

You are free to choose not to share any location. Locals will then share general spots to be found in Antwerp at the risk of suggesting something that requires you to travel to that location first.

2.4 Is helloAntwerp accessible to everybody?

With the city’s focus on digital communication the bot is available to every visitor who is staying in Antwerp. Since we highly rely on services from Facebook, the user will need a Facebook profile in order to talk with our bot.

2.5 Does helloAntwerp work on every device?

HelloAntwerp is a chatbot build upon the services of Facebook messenger platform. This means that it runs on every device where Facebook messenger is available. It is available on any regular internet browser, where you can access the bot via the Facebook webpage of helloAntwerp. Or when you choose to use the Facebook messenger application it is available on any device with Android or IOS.

2.6 How does it work?

You can find the bot on the messenger platform under the name helloAntwerp. Alternative access to the page can be found by searching on Facebook for the page with the same name.

Once you find the bot and talk to it for the first time you will get an introduction enticing you to ask questions about your stay in the city of Antwerp. Things to do, places to visit, things to see and much more can be asked to the bot.

A team of eager locals is ready to take your question and give you an answer you will not find in the nearest guidebook.