Hello Antwerp Guidelines

Welcome to join the pool of Locals! It is great that you would like to share your experience and your tips to the visitors in Antwerp. Here you will find the guidelines to help you to smoothly start.

What Can and what Can Not?

Hello Antwerp is a platform that you can share your knowledge, your experience and your tips to help visitors to have a pleasant and authentic experience during their stay in Antwerp. You can give your personal advice for things like “where to eat”, “where to go”, “what to do” etc. It is also possible to ask for personal contacts and to arrange for example off-line appointments for tourist reason. But commercial advertisement is not allowed during the chat.

How to Start a conversation?

You will not able to start a conversation yourself but you will receive request from the chat bot to answer questions. The moment you confirmed that you are able to answer the question, you are connected to the visitor. If you cannot answer the question at that moment, you can decline the request of just ignore it. If you decline the request or you didn’t react to the request for a few minutes, the question will be sent to other locals. The moment the question has been answered by other locals, you will receive notification that your help is no long needed.

How can I stop a conversation?

In case you receive strange questions or unpleasant conversation, you can type “stop conversation” to block the conversation so that you will be no longer bothered.

How to mute myself?

If you don’t want to receive any questions for a while, you can type “mute”. Then you can choose how long you would like to be muted. The moment you are again available, you can type “unmute” to re-active yourself.

What should I do if my suggestion is not recognized by the Chat Bot?

If there is a location has been mentioned in your advice, there will be a pop-up map to ask you to confirm the location. If you did not see this, it can be the reason that the place is not registered in the map or it is due to a fault spelling. If you are sure that your spelling is correct, then you don’t have to worry about this issue.

If you have any questions or feedbacks during your experience of being a Local, welcome to contact us via info@visitantwerpen.be