Autumn 2018

What’s on during the autumn of Antwerp Baroque 2018? A brief overview:

Cokeryen. Photo, film, food by Tony Le Duc

Photographer Tony Le Duc has managed to raise basic food to the level of art. A gift which Baroque painter Frans Snijders also had. A glorious exhibition in the new Snijders and Rockox House.

Baroque Book Design

In the autumn of 2018 The Plantin-Moretus Museum, a UNESCO world heritage site, is honouring all book designers and Peter Paul Rubens in particular during Baroque Book Design.


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BAROQUE BOOK DESIGN - copyright Collectie Museum Plantin-Moretus Antwerpen


How did book publishing evolve during the Baroque?  Why did a publisher like Balthasar Moretus choose to work with prominent artists?  And who are the innovators in publishing today?

Cokeryen - Photo Film Food. Tony Le Duc/Frans Snijders - copyright KBC Rockoxhuis Antwerpen

Cokeryen - Photo Film Food. Tony Le Duc/Frans Snijders

The culinary photographer Tony Le Duc has succeeded in elevating basic food to the status of art. A talent that the Baroque painter Frans Snijders has in common with Le Duc.

Baroque Festival Card - copyright SIGRIDSPINNOX.COM

Baroque Festival Card

Enjoy the full Antwerp Baroque 2018 experience with the Baroque Festival Card.

Flemish Masters in Situ - copyright Dave Van Laere

Flemish Masters in Situ

Flemish Masters in Situ will take you on a tour of paintings by Flemish Masters.

Focus: Baroque splendour in a domestic setting - copyright Foto: Bart Huysmans en Michel Wuyts

Focus: Baroque splendour in a domestic setting

During “Antwerp Baroque 2018. Rubens inspires”, Museum Mayer van den Bergh will focus on the Baroque masterpieces in its own collection. 

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