Higher Ground

With this Flemish premier of Higher Ground, Magnum Photographer Carl De Keyzer shows us an imaginary future in which migration to upland areas is essential due to rising sea levels.  

Fleeing for the climate

The fact that global warming has dramatic consequences is clear to many people, but just how dramatic will these consequences be? This series of photos encourages us to consider climate change as one of the key reasons for migration.  

Historic location

The historic location of Red Star Line adds an extra level to the impactful photos by Carl De Keyzer. After all, this is where millions of people passed by, in the late 19th, early 20th century, on their way to the United States, in search of a better life. 


Carl De Keyzer has been a member of the internationally-acclaimed photo agency Magnum since 1994. He has already received many awards, and exhibits his work both in Belgium and abroad.  Museums like the Paul Getty Museum (USA), the Victoria and Albert Museum (UK), the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris and the ICP in New York all feature elements of his work in their collections.


Victoriano Moreno


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