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Would you like to see the manuscripts of Conscience, Van Ostaijen or Elsschot with your own eyes? Would you like to take an interesting look into Flemish literature? Then you must make a visit to the permanent exhibition, from the Leeuw van Vlaanderen to Tongkat.

The door to the treasure chambers opens invitingly in the museum. You can set off in search of the great stories, but also find the little ones about how literature arises, how a text is refined and polished, how things are discussed and how differences of opinion occur.

But you will not just discover how writers work, how texts arise and grow. The Letterenhuis also tells the story of a changing world and how literature relates to that. Both what is happening in the immediate environment and everything taking place in the wide world inspires authors. It is therefore a story about the relationship between literature and reality, about art and engagement, about tradition and innovation, about protest and avant-garde, about old and new values.

The Letterenhuis regularly organises activities such as book presentations, seminars, poetry readings, small or big events. The Letterenhuis is the largest literature archive in Flanders. Its mission is to safeguard the literary heritage. You can visit the reading room to consult the extensive collection for research. In the museum there is a permanent exhibition about 200 years of literature in Flanders.

You can purchase publications from the Letterenhuis museum shop.

Letterenhuis - Bert Weis


Minderbroedersstraat 22
+32 32 22 93 20

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