How to spend a Monday in Antwerp?

Many museums in Antwerp are closed on a Monday. Not to worry, though, as there are plenty of other things on offer so you won’t get bored.

Monday culture

Discover DIVA Antwerp Home of Diamond,  a unique public experience focussing on the magical world of diamonds, jewellery and goldsmithing. For the culture vultures among you, there is the Maidens' House Museum that is open on a Monday, or the Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum that opens in the afternoons. But also the Cathedral, Carolus Borromeus Church and St Paul’s Church contain many of Antwerp’s art treasures. And did you know that, with its cartoon-covered walls all over the city, Antwerp is one big cartoon museum?

Discover Antwerp by foot, tram or by bike

Why not start the week with a journey of discovery? Board the tourist tram or discover the city by bike.

Weather-permitting, you can visit the Zoo as soon as you get off the train. Either that or you can cross the road and launch into some serious shopping in Flanders’ exquisite city of fashion.

Escape the crowds

The perfect ideal place to get away from the crowds is the somewhat hidden Vlaeykensgang, where you will immediately be immersed in medieval Antwerp. This is also the perfect spot for the ultimate Antwerp selfie. If you’re after an absolute haven of tranquillity, though, then head for the Beguinage.

Being lazy is also part of the Antwerp way of life. At a pavement cafe in the shadow of the Cathedral – with a carillon concert in the background – on a boat on the river Scheldt, or on the grass in one of the city parks or in the Botanical Garden.

As you can see, Mondays in Antwerp are anything but dull. In fact, Monday in Antwerp could well be the Monday of your life.

Sigrid Spinnox


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