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In Antwerp almost 300 taxi drivers were awarded the Info on the go customer friendliness certificate. They were given a training in tourism and can give you a good introduction to the city. You can recognise them from the sticker displayed on the taxi windscreen.

The following taxi companies went an extra mile by having 50% or more of their staff participate in the training: 
- Amira Taxi
- ANA bvba
- Antwerp-Tax
- Daniel Taxi
- Faisal Shahzad
- Fire & Ice
- Frans Dumez
- Handi-trans
- Michel Lemmens
- Nagina bvba
- NST bvba
- Pelikaan Taxi
- Roosevelt Taxi
- Smiley Taxi
- Stella Tax
- Surataxi
- Taxi Antwerpen Service
- Time Taxi
- Vondel Taxi
- Wenck-Taxi
- ZAMZAM PK bvba

Antwerp Tax


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